Implementing proper cost basis tracking for shares

Dave Peticolas
Wed, 01 Nov 2000 14:28:25 -0800

Rob Browning writes:
> Dave Peticolas <> writes:
> > Having more than one nickname could get pretty confusing, especially
> > if you always use the same nickname and expect the 'others' to
> > change when you change any one of them.
> Well, the problem is that in the way I was envisioning it (with
> multiple views), what you'd want the account to be called might vary
> with the view, but perhaps you're right, this may be too confusing.
> i.e.
>   Institution:MegaBank:Visa -> 0x5344A
>   Institution:Fidelity:AMEX -> 0xAFEA4
> and
>   Liabilities:CreditCards:Visa -> 0x5344A
>   Liabilities:CreditCards:AMEX -> 0xAFEA4

This example raises some questions about non-leaf accounts.

Right now, every node in the hierarchy is one account. With
multiple views, it seems we would have to relax that restriction,
or eliminate non-leaf accounts.

To use the example above, Where are the 'Insitution',
'Institution:MegaBank' and 'Institution:Fidelity' accounts?

Does 'Liabilities:CreditCards' include both 'MegaBank' and 'Fidelity'?