Implementing proper cost basis tracking for shares

Rob Browning
01 Nov 2000 16:53:26 -0600

Dave Peticolas <> writes:

> This example raises some questions about non-leaf accounts.
> Right now, every node in the hierarchy is one account. With
> multiple views, it seems we would have to relax that restriction,
> or eliminate non-leaf accounts.
> To use the example above, Where are the 'Insitution',
> 'Institution:MegaBank' and 'Institution:Fidelity' accounts?
> Does 'Liabilities:CreditCards' include both 'MegaBank' and 'Fidelity'?

Look back at some of my previous emails (one or two back I think).  I
had suggested that perhaps a label at a given level might or might not
have an associated account, and (independent of that) might or might
not have subtotalling enabled...

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