Guile 1.3 + G-wrap 0.9.8 patches

Robert Graham Merkel
Sat, 4 Nov 2000 01:31:10 +1100

Derek Atkins writes:
 > Dave Peticolas <> writes:
 > > I have added the patch to the devel tree and placed the patched
 > > version of g-wrap.m4 in acinclude.m4. In the long run, though,
 > > g-wrap.m4 should be picked up from the installation of g-wrap,
 > > I think.
 > It is, at least in g-wrap 0.9.8.
 > If you'd like, I can upload the 0.9.8 RPMs (built on RH 6.2)

Yeah, it's just that I was trying not to *force* people to upgrade
their g-wrap if don't have to.  If we put in a call in gnucash
to an autoconf macro only distributed with 0.9.8, they have to

One thing that's come as a rude shock to me since working on gnucash
is just how many problems changing dependancies cause.  It really
drives people nuts :)

Robert Merkel