Memory leaks in 1.4.x

Rob Browning
05 Nov 2000 18:32:11 -0600

Robert Graham Merkel <> writes:

> In the process of trying (unsuccessfully) to locate a (confirmed)
> crash in 1.4.x if you try and do a transaction report with a large
> number of transaction report, I've tracked down several memory leaks.
> They are by no means severe (we're talking only a few kilobytes here),
> but they should be fixed sooner or later.  However, as several of them
> were due to a problem with g-wrap, fixing them will require a new
> g-wrap release.
> How do you want to handle this?
> BTW, I know everyone's busy, but has anyone else had a chance to work
> on this bug?  It's confirmed, it's serious, and I'm having trouble
> tracking it down.

What's the status on this?

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