Memory leaks in 1.4.x

Rob Browning
05 Nov 2000 23:36:47 -0600

Robert Graham Merkel <> writes:

> The status is that the const-string fixes with 0.9.6 made it
> possible to fix these problems.  I can send the patch to Dave
> whenever, but it'd probably be best to delay doing the release until
> we have a good g-wrap release (which I think we're now close to,
> aren't we?)

Yep.  If 0.9.9 works fine for Bill, I'll add Derek's new RPM spec file
and release a 0.9.10.

> Thse aren't huge memory leaks - we're only talking a few kilobytes at
> most, and appear to be unrelated to the crash you were mailing me
> about.

I still wonder if we have 'cleanup everywhere we're supposed to.

Also, I need to add a 'const option so we can get rid of those silly
compiler warnings...

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