g-wrap and guile-gnome/gtk

Robert Graham Merkel rgmerk@mira.net
Mon, 13 Nov 2000 15:06:46 +1100

Rob Browning writes:
 > Ariel Rios <ariel@arcavia.com> writes:
 > One thing I've wondered about for a while now is whether or not it
 > might make sense to mirror (in scheme forms) the semantics of one of
 > the IDLs (CORBA being the biggest elephant on the block).
 > However, on the other side of that fence, I also wonder, whether or
 > not there might be a legitimate place for a tool (and perhaps g-wrap
 > should be that tool), that's exclusively focused on providing very
 > well integrated, efficient, and clear (both in specification and in
 > execution) bindings for C APIs from guile.  Basically the question
 > comes down to "Is it possible in this case to server all masters
 > well?".
 > Or in more concrete terms, say I were to try to do something very
 > CORBA-esque with g-wrap's spec.  Would I end up with a tool that was
 > much more complex, harder to implement and understand, and didn't
 > really provide any substantial improvments as compared to a tool
 > that's specifically aimed at just the guile<->C API problem?
I've played with CORBA a little bit, though haven't implemented any
industrial-strength systems in it.  CORBA is fine if you write your
code around the IDL.  It's not a suitable tool to make an existing C
API available.