i18n and qif and questions

y-le-ny@ifrance.com y-le-ny@ifrance.com
Tue, 14 Nov 2000 11:47:32 GMT

Hello Dave,

Can you I18n this:

*the string "payment total" in the financial
calculator window is in the po file
but it is displaying in english.
*the string "Retained Earnings" add in xac file when
you import qif file
*the string "only positive entries" in the setting
for transaction report
*all strings in buget report and tax report
*buget entries strings in Tools\Budget
*setting in tax report
*strings for coor in the register color tab in the
setting window for gnucash
*currencies tab in setting in balance sheet report
and in gain/loss report

Use the latest fr.po file with all strings tranlated
in it to find these strings

Now, I have more time and I will try to update the
html docs cleaned in Gnucash-1.4.x
and send you to convert it in SGML before the 1th
When I want to import the 4 files Money95_fr in the
examples repertory,
with the cvs of the 5th November, Gnucash crashes
when the process want to write it in xac file
after loading them.=20
When will you release Gnucash-2.0?



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