Making a fancy main window like our competitor :)

Conrad Canterford
Mon, 13 Nov 2000 17:05:56 +1100

Rob Browning wrote:
> For example, it might be a lot more useful to many people to have in
> the main window contain a few subtotals showing summary values for
> their overall finances, a few crucial stock quotes, and perhaps a set
> of links to their main account registers rather than a giant list of
> all their accounts.

I'm assuming we'll be able to specify particular sub-accounts to be used
in this process - by which I mean that I can have a sub-total window
called, say "Division X P&L", and can then designate Income:Division
X:Bribes, Income:Division X:Sales, Expenses:Division X:Cost of Sales,
Expenses:Division X:Wages, (etc) as the accounts to use in that window
(and have them all automagically totalled for me). Inherent in this
selection process would be that it would NOT include Income:Division
Y:Stuff, or Expenses:Division Y:Utilities (etc) in the calculations.

If it can do that, it would be WAY cool. (Sorry, watched "Detroit Rock
City" over the weekend, and its reactivated turns of phrase that I
thought I'd killed decades ago).

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