Making a fancy main window like our competitor :)

Rob Browning
13 Nov 2000 00:18:34 -0600

Conrad Canterford <> writes:

> I'm assuming we'll be able to specify particular sub-accounts to be
> used in this process - by which I mean that I can have a sub-total
> window called, say "Division X P&L", and can then designate
> Income:Division X:Bribes, Income:Division X:Sales, Expenses:Division
> X:Cost of Sales, Expenses:Division X:Wages, (etc) as the accounts to
> use in that window (and have them all automagically totalled for
> me). Inherent in this selection process would be that it would NOT
> include Income:Division Y:Stuff, or Expenses:Division Y:Utilities
> (etc) in the calculations.

We've been talking about a way to restructure things so that you can
create arbitrary trees of your accounts (for display or whatever), and
so that you can specify which levels (if any) get subtotals.  If we do
that, and if we then set it up so that you can drop one of these trees
into a "live report", then I think you'd probably get exactly what
you're asking for.

Alternately, there may also be a way you'll be able to write scheme
functions that generate arbitrary html that get dumped into a
designated pane in your custom window.  This would, of course, allow
all manner of stupid pet tricks for those willing to brave the schemey

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