Register resizing

Gary Bickford
Thu, 16 Nov 2000 13:11:51 -0800

Welcome to the subtleties of GUI design :O)  I wonder if you could get Chuq
von Rospach to give an opinion.  He's on the List-managers list at  My first impression is that Gnome ought to have some
predefined behavior rules that cover this.  You might add a hotspot on the
window to switch between 'stretch-to-fit' and 'scroll'

Dave Peticolas wrote:

> James LewisMoss writes:
> >
> > The register seems to have this annoying behavior (described below)
> > let me know if it's a known bug or something that can be fixed with a
> > prefs change.
> >
> > If you widen a window containing a register the register widens with
> > the window.  If you then narrow that window the register stays the
> > same width as the widest point it attained.
> Yes, this is confusing. It's not entirely clear, though, what it
> should do when it is resized smaller. What if the user wants a
> small window that scrolls horizontally (maybe because of a small screen?).
> What should happen when the register is resized smaller?
> dave
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