Negative number problems

Matthew Vanecek
Sun, 19 Nov 2000 12:39:55 -0600

1.4.8 doesn't seem to like negative numbers. Two problems I'm having:

1) I created a new credit card account.  The balance of course starts at
zero and decreases from there.  The first transaction I entered was a
debit of $21.  The reported balance appeared as 0.06.  It should have
showed (21.00).  Further transactions display similar oddities.  The
balance in the main window seems to be correct.  Just the Register is

2) I went to reconcile one of my checking accounts.  On paper it had a
-1.84 ending balance.  So I dutifully enter -1.84 as the ending balance,
and tab on, and the figure is converted to (1.84).  All seems well. 
When I click OK, and get to the reconcile window, the ending balance is
incorrectly reported as 0.08.  This caused my final balance to be off. 
No matter what I did, I could not get a negative ending balance to
work.  This is very disturbing, especially since I need to reconcile my
credit card accounts, and all of those naturally have a negative
balance.  When I try to enter the negative ending balance, and tab out
of the field, the amount is summarily converted to 0.

What can I do to fix this?  I didn't have this problem in previous
versions.  Should I downgrade to a previous version (the last one I used
was Helix's release of it)? 

I'm currently using RH 7.0, and the GNUCash 1.4.8 RPM from

Matthew Vanecek
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