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Alan Orndorff
Sun, 19 Nov 2000 10:19:42 -0700

Robert Graham Merkel wrote:

> Jean-Claude Magras writes:
>  > Greetings,
>  >
>  > I have installed GNOME under DtLogin on Solaris7. I might be willing to
>  > pkgadd' them together if  this does not violate IBM work rules
>  > 'art-for-hire'.
>  > But I want to know if all the GNU stuff(including GNUcash) are under
>  > /usr/local
>  > ... what is the link command GUILE needs ? The message is very unclear

What I usually do is to compile gnucash, and then mv /usr/local to

/usr/local-old so the only thing that will exist there is the gnucash

software.  Then I cp /usr/local-old/share/guile/slib to /usr/local/share/guile/slib

so whoever grabs the package doesn't have to worry about it.

Then do the find that pkgadd will need and save it as /tmp/files.

Finish making the package.  Delete /usr/local and then mv /usr/local-old

to /usr/local and then make install again so the system is back to normal.

It's not as convoluted as it sounds.  If you want to know which libraries

Gnucash needs do a "ldd /usr/local/bin/gnucash" and Solaris will output

the lib files that you need to run gnucash.

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