James LewisMoss jimdres@mindspring.com
21 Nov 2000 03:08:01 -0500

OK.  Here's what I have so far in my want list for a budgeting
system.  I'm still looking for more ideas on what it should do.

I want my budgeting system ...

... to help me make a budget.
... to be able to group expense accounts into budget items.
... to tell me when I mess up (real time and through reports).
... to have a nice report or ten.
... to add transactions automatically
... to mark transactions as automatically added so I can make sure
they are ok.
... to remind me to add items.
... to contain useful info.  (About how to budget and what budgeting
... to contain useful lists of budgets (examples).
... to handle different types of budget items (examples: constant over
period; one shot; scheduled regularly; scheduled irregularly; etc)
... to gracefully handle when I break my budget (help me fix it; mark
as anomoly; etc)
... to handle expense accounts in more than one budget group
... to have a report that shows all the particular transactions/splits
that went into each budget item each month.

So what do other people want?


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