date stuff in gnucash

James LewisMoss
27 Nov 2000 21:50:18 -0500


I need some complex time/date manipulation functions to deal with

So far it looks like there are two scheme files in the dist that deal
with dates:


srfi-19.scm doesn't contain all of the srfi #19 example implementation
and I was wondering why.

Anyway.  Here's the notes I have so far on what I need:

Types of dates:

Abstract: Not a real date or relative date.  This is for things like
 "The last monday in a month".  It's a date, but it's not a real date.
Relative: A date diff.  "Two weeks later".  "Two weeks earlier" etc.
Absolute: A real date.

There are also ranges of each date #<'Range #<'Abstract "three days
before end of month"> #<'Abstract "two days after begining of month">>

Plus all the fun comparison, adding, subtracting, dealies.

Leaving out a bit here that isn't necessary yet.

Any thoughts?  Anything missing?


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