date stuff in gnucash

Robert Graham Merkel
Tue, 28 Nov 2000 14:39:52 +1100

James LewisMoss writes:
 > src/scm/date-utilities.scm
OK, I added some stuff to support "relative dates" (which really
covered both "relative" and "abstract dates" to this file a while ago.
It hasn't been used much (until I/we update reports to use it).

 > src/scm/srfi/srfi-19.scm
 > srfi-19.scm doesn't contain all of the srfi #19 example implementation
 > and I was wondering why.
Unsure, I haven't really touched this stuff.

 > Anyway.  Here's the notes I have so far on what I need:
 > Types of dates:
 > Abstract: Not a real date or relative date.  This is for things like
 >  "The last monday in a month".  It's a date, but it's not a real
 > Relative: A date diff.  "Two weeks later".  "Two weeks earlier"
The difference between "abstract" and "relative" isn't quite clear to

Both of them remain abstract until you give them an absolute date (or
at least part of an absolute date).

Additionally, what kind of arithmetic operations do you expect to be
able to do on "abstract" and "relative" dates?  It gets real complex,
real fast.

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