Proposed Inventory plan
Tue, 28 Nov 2000 17:21:08 -0600 (CST)

It's been rumoured that Conrad Canterford said:
> > Is gnucash going to become a business accounting package, then ?

There is tremendous interest in a good linux-based business accounting

> > May I request that you please take great care to keep the interface for
> > personal users as simple as possible.  

Yes.  Someday, if/when gnucash gets more small-business features, 
we will need to figure out how to have it present two interfaces:
'breezy to use' and 'pro'.   How, I don't know.

> > If adding business accounting
> > subsystems to Gnucash clutters up the interface for personal users,
> > please consider making such subsystems a module or compile option.

At the moment, we don't have a plugin/dynamicallly loadable module
system;  this has not bubbled up very high on anyone's priority list.
But this could/should be important; just look at the gimp, and all of
the plugins that got created for it ...


> It is certainly my intention to avoid making a mess of the interface. I
> suspect even if I tried, Dave or Linas or the other developers would
> squash my attempt is rather short order anyway... :-).
> Personally I would like it to be a module. My machine doesn't have much
> memory or processor power and I am concerned to keep it usable for my
> purposes.
> What actually eventuates (if anything) depends on the interfaces
> available and the ability to do the stuff I need within them.
> If people say "No, not yet. Gnucash isn't ready for that yet", then I'll
> find another solution to my problem. It just seemed logical to support
> Gnucash development if I could.
> Conrad.
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