Proposed Inventory plan

Conrad Canterford
Tue, 28 Nov 2000 10:11:55 +1100

Patrick Spinler wrote:
> Quoting from the website:
> > about gnucash!
> > If you've been looking for a way to manage your
> > _personal_ _finances_ under Linux,
> (emphasis mine)
> Is gnucash going to become a business accounting package, then ?
> Certainly, I don't need inventory management for my personal finances.

Check out the Gnucash "Project Goals" page (follow the link on the
Gnucash page).

> May I request that you please take great care to keep the interface for
> personal users as simple as possible.  If adding business accounting
> subsystems to Gnucash clutters up the interface for personal users,
> please consider making such subsystems a module or compile option.

It is certainly my intention to avoid making a mess of the interface. I
suspect even if I tried, Dave or Linas or the other developers would
squash my attempt is rather short order anyway... :-).

Personally I would like it to be a module. My machine doesn't have much
memory or processor power and I am concerned to keep it usable for my
What actually eventuates (if anything) depends on the interfaces
available and the ability to do the stuff I need within them.

If people say "No, not yet. Gnucash isn't ready for that yet", then I'll
find another solution to my problem. It just seemed logical to support
Gnucash development if I could.

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