refreshing the GUI

Dave Peticolas
Wed, 29 Nov 2000 12:31:34 -0800

James LewisMoss writes:
>  Dave> Yes, it seemed to me that 1) (with respect to the GUI) was a
>  Dave> part of 2), so it made sense to me to combine them. But perhaps
>  Dave> they should be separate things.
> I agree.  Just seemed the email introduced what was going on as 1 when
> in fact it was 2 which happens to include 1.  Just confused here. :)

I started writing it thinking about refresh, and then started getting
into other things :) I should have gone back and re-written the intro.

>  Dave> You could use this to, say, close all components in a
>  Dave> particular class (e.g., close all help windows). Close
>  Dave> operations such as this are already used.
> Sounds good.  Sorry to bug you with a bunch of questions.

No problem, I now know what I need to put in the design docs.