Date format specification in QIF-Import

Christian Stimming
Tue, 03 Oct 2000 22:32:36 -0700


Was there a discussion whether the date format in the QIF import should
be chosen by the user or not? I didn't find related postings in the

This is the problem: The QIF import sticks to the US date format
MM/DD/YY if the QIF contains only ambiguous dates (e.g. 10/1/00 to
10/12/00). This is pretty annoying as I regularly import some QIF
"snippets" from my German online bank which uses the DD.MM.YY format.
GnuCash offers no means to specify the interpretation of these ambiguous
date formats. Is that by intention or did just nobody face that problem? 

But it would definitly not be sufficent to make this a global option
somewhere in the preferences. For example, in addition to QIF snippets
from my german online bank I have QIF snippets from my US online bank...
so I really need a way to choose the format on each single import.

The manual, however, still speaks of two option boxes, one for the
radix, one the radix and one for the date format. It looks like Bill
removed those from the UI on 5/30/00, along with a bunch of improvements
to the qif import. I dig a little through CVS and "recovered" that
option menu in the QIF Import dialog. If nobody vetoes, I would like to
submit that patch.