GUI - accounts vs. transactions

Dave Peticolas
Thu, 05 Oct 2000 00:04:06 -0700

Terry writes:
> Sorry if this posting becomes rather long. I have been using gnucash for
> several months now - since. 1.3.4, I believe, and the beginning of this posti
> came to me last night as I was trying to get to sleep.

I think the issue that is the most confusing is how memos work.
You point out that GnuCash tries to help the user by copying the
memo field, but ends up confusing things because memos are really
associated with splits and not transactions.

If I understand your post, you are suggesting that gnucash stop
performing this copying, and I agree. Additionally, I think it
would make sense if we introduced a 'memo' field (we should give
it another name, say 'notes') that really is associated with
transactions and not splits.

Thus, in double-line mode, you would see this transaction 'notes'
field, and it would be the same regardless of which register you
viewed it from, and would be copied whenever the transaction was
duplicated, auto-completed, etc.

There would still be split 'memos', but you would only see them
associated with splits, i.e., in the mult-line and auto-modes, and
GnuCash would not try to perform any special copying behavior.

Would that makes things easier to understand?