import csv data

Dave Peticolas
Tue, 10 Oct 2000 02:47:43 -0700

> Hello !
> I want to transfer tab seperated data into gnucash (1.4.6).
> But I haven't found any import filter beside quicken.
> So I thought to write a small perl-program (I know some Perl
> but no Scheme) to convert my csv to a quicken file and then
> use the quicken import into gnucash.
> The quicken format does not look very simple to me. So I want
> to ask you if you can give me some help or does any direct
> csv import into gnucash exists ?

There is no direct csv import into gnucash. There will shortly
be xml import/export, but only in the development version. I
will send you the notes on the qif format in our CVS tree in
a separate attachment. The notes, plus the example qif files
that come with gnucash, will hopefully help you.