import csv data
Mon, 9 Oct 2000 15:28:27 +0200 (MEST)

Hello !
I want to transfer tab seperated data into gnucash (1.4.6).
But I haven't found any import filter beside quicken.
So I thought to write a small perl-program (I know some Perl
but no Scheme) to convert my csv to a quicken file and then
use the quicken import into gnucash.

The quicken format does not look very simple to me. So I want
to ask you if you can give me some help or does any direct
csv import into gnucash exists ?

I have two csv data files (I will use " | " for TAB).
The following shows you the columns for one record line:

--- balance.csv ---
Acc.No | Acc. Description | Last Year Balance | \
    This Years Monthly Balance (12x)

--- journal.csv ---
Date | Booking No | Acc.Sheet No. | Description | \
    Debit Acc. No | Debit Amount | \
    Credit Acc. No | Credit Amount | \
    Tax Acc. No | Tax Amount | Tax %

Booking No   = starts every year with 1 and increases by 1 with each
               journal entry
Acc.Sheet No.= the sheet number on the bank's status report. It may be
               empty if no bank account is booked and is not unique,
               because two different bank accounts may have the same
               sheet number

My problem is, how can I create a qif-File which I can load into
gnucash ?

I thought I could use the journal.csv only but I want the
account description too. I think I don't need the balance columns
from the balance.csv.

Ralf Baerwaldt

Sorry for my bad english, but I am german.

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