[bwak@iname.com: red hat 7.0]

Dave Peticolas dave@krondo.com
Tue, 10 Oct 2000 14:05:26 -0700

> ----- Forwarded message from Scott Brunza <bwak@iname.com> -----
> I upgraded to Red Hat 7.0 over the weekend, and found that my gnucash
> v.1.4.5 wouldn't run, and when I tried upgrading to 1.4.7, it wouldn't
> install because of the same problem:  no libguile.so.4.  I linked
> libguile.so.4 to libguile.so.6 (which I guess the 7.0 upgrade
> installed), and it works.  Well, at least my 1.4.5 does, the rpm install
> of 1.4.7 still complains that it needs libguile.so.4 to run/install.
> Are there any versions to come that will use libguile.so.6 so there
> aren't any problems with Red Hat 7.0?

The current version should work on RedHat 7.0, but the binary RPM will
not work as it was created for RedHat 6.x and the library versions
have changed. So, you either need to compile GnuCash, or wait until
someone creates an RPM for redhat 7.x. I plan on getting 7.0, so
eventually I will be creating 7.0 rpms, but not yet.