Implementing proper cost basis tracking for shares

Phillip Shelton
Thu, 19 Oct 2000 11:01:17 +1000

Are you looking at a new account for each parcel of shares?

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> Subject: Implementing proper cost basis tracking for shares
> The next question is "how do we track income and expenses related to
> a particular share account?", such as dividend payments, brokerage
> fees and the like.  My initial suggestion is for 
> each share account to contain a "accounts containing income/expense
> transactions related to this account" list, and each transaction
> related to a share account should have a "Hi, I'm a <share account
> foo> transaction".  The other alternative is to insist that dedicated
> account(s) be set up so that every expense and all income 
> related to trading a particular stock should be placed in those
> accounts.