Get PostgreSQL installed as part of the distros

Clark Jones
Sun, 22 Oct 2000 09:49:08 -0700

Christopher Browne wrote:
> The options that leap to mind are:
> a) Berkeley Sleepycat DB.  This tends to be _included_ with GNU-related
>    systems, and provides, in its latest versions, transaction logging,
>    locking, and all that sort of thing.  There has been some discussion
>    of replacing PostgreSQL's data store with this.

I'm not at all familiar with the package.  My only concern, off hand,
would be to assure that the "locking" is such that the recovery from a
"left-around lock" isn't much more difficult than removing a single file...

The electric outlet isn't very reliable in some areas, and here it's been
down just a little bit longer than the UPS can hold the system twice within
the past couple of months.  (Yes, I know I should have a way for the UPS
to tell the machine to "shut down -- I'm not going to last much longer",
there are a lot of higher priority items on my to-do list.)  Besides,
there are other things that make you have to "ungracefully kill" all the
proceses on the machine, though thankfully this is much rarer on Linux
than on M$.

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