Perl API

Clinton Popetz
Fri, 27 Oct 2000 13:45:15 -0500

> Who uses the Perl API?
> The reason I ask is that the Perl API is rapidly becoming out-of-date
> as the engine is extended and the swig interface is not kept up to
> date.
> Given the difficulties of using swig, we'd like to drop it.
> Is there any interest in keeping the Perl API? Is anyone interested in
> maintaining it?
> dave

I just started using gnucash about two months ago, having finally
weaned myself from Quicken running under VMWare.  Last week I started
writing an ncurses interface to the gnucash engine.  (Basically I
wanted something that had gnucash's functionality, but looked like
mutt.)  This interface is being written in perl, and uses the gnucash
swig-based perl API.

So while I don't have a long history with gnucash, and I don't have a
large vested interest in the Perl interface (I've only put about 10
hours into the ncurses interface), I'd be sad to see it go, unless
someone could point me towards an equally-easy method to use the
gnucash engine from perl.


P.S.  I also have some perl scripts hacked together to download my
credit card transactions from the web and stuff them into my gnucash
accounts; I'd miss those too.