Perl API

Rob Browning
27 Oct 2000 16:47:25 -0500

Clinton Popetz <> writes:

> I just started using gnucash about two months ago, having finally
> weaned myself from Quicken running under VMWare.  Last week I started
> writing an ncurses interface to the gnucash engine.  (Basically I
> wanted something that had gnucash's functionality, but looked like
> mutt.)  This interface is being written in perl, and uses the gnucash
> swig-based perl API.

Nice.  I've been thinking about hacking up something like this for
myself for a while.  I'd like just a command-line "quickie" for
entering one-shot transactions without having to fire up the whole

Actually, I kinda wanted a simple emacs interface :> I'd like to be
able to just say "M-x gnc-add-transaction", have it ask me a few
questions, and then cram the result into my data file.  That'd be
useful whenever I just needed to do something fast.

> So while I don't have a long history with gnucash, and I don't have a
> large vested interest in the Perl interface (I've only put about 10
> hours into the ncurses interface), I'd be sad to see it go, unless
> someone could point me towards an equally-easy method to use the
> gnucash engine from perl.

Don't hesitate to say *HELL NO*, but do you have any interest in
trying to do this stuff from guile, presuming you had some help? :>

If not, then do you have any interest in helping maintain the
perl-swig stuff?  If you're *really* interested, we might even think
about breaking it out as a separate project.

No big deal either way, just trying to figure out which way we should

> P.S.  I also have some perl scripts hacked together to download my
> credit card transactions from the web and stuff them into my gnucash
> accounts; I'd miss those too.

Those might really be useful if translated to guile.  Actually, I
wonder if Bill would be interested in them...

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