Incorrect balances: bug in GnuCash's register?

Eloy A. Paris
Tue, 24 Oct 2000 12:51:48 -0400


I have come across something that seems to be a bug in GnuCash (latest
stable version, 1.4.8), and the problem is easy to reproduce:

- Create a new GnuCash file.
- Create a new top level account. A normal bank account will do.
- Open the new bank account in the register.
- Enter one transaction: a $1 withdrawal.

Problem #1: after entering the transaction the balance on the line
that has the transaction shows as 0.00, instead of $(1.00) as is
displayed correctly on the bottom of the register window.

- Enter a second transaction: a $2 withdrawal.

The balance in the line of the first transaction gets updated
correctly to (1.00), but the balance on the line of the second
transaction is displayed as 0.00. Again, the balance on the bottom of
the windows is correct (-$3.00).

- Finally, enter a third transaction: a withdrawal of $3.

Problem #2: Besides the problem mentioned above (a 0.00 balance on the
line of the last transaction entered), now if I press the up-arrow key
to move to the previous transactions, the balances in each line
visited get set to 0.00. I think this is the real problem, and problem
#1 above is just a side effect:

It looks like _after_ a transaction line is deselected, the balance
gets set to 0.00, and not the actual balance.

I can help testing any patches or providing more information, but
please Cc: me since I am not currently subscribed to the list.




Eloy A. Paris
Carnegie Mellon University
Graduate School of Industrial Administration
MBA Class of 2001