Perl API

Darren/Torin/Who Ever...
31 Oct 2000 15:11:21 -0800

Dave Peticolas, in an immanent manifestation of deity, wrote:
>Ok. The engine is changing a lot these days, so I would hold off on
>doing any work on it right now. When it's starts to stabilize, anyone
>who is interested should feel free to update the swig API work. This
>will require a fair bit of time, btw, as the API will have changed
>quite a bit.

Okay.  I'll look for this.  If we're going to have to update a major
portion of the Perl API, we might want to just use XS.  This would free
us from the dependency on swig.  I have a lot more experience with XS as
well.  :)

It might be useful to set up a gnucash-perl mailing list so that those
of us working on that part don't bother the main list unless we need to
ask specific questions.

If doesn't want to host it, I can easily do so from
here.  That's actually part of my paying work.

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