Implementing proper cost basis tracking for shares

Rob Browning
30 Oct 2000 20:01:33 -0600

Dave Peticolas <> writes:

> I agree, but I think I would miss the ability to have short account
> names. Couldn't we let the user choose a 'Default View' that
> performs the same function as the current hierarchy?

What I had been thinking about was that by default, the official long
name would go into the account creation dialog, and would have to be
unique for the whole set of accounts, but that it wouldn't show up in
the "default view", or it would only show up as a separate column.

For now, you'd still go through the process of setting the parent,
etc., and the hierarchy you'd be creating would just be the default
one, the one that would show up in the main window when we start up.

Later, once we set up our fancier display engine, we probably wouldn't
even display a CTree directly as we do now, for the default initial

I had also thought that we might want to consider, for the "default
hierarchy" (or view), relaxing the type mixing restrictions, and
eliminating the subtotalling, but perhaps that's a bad idea.  Those
numbers are still at least somewhat useful, if a bit misleading, and
hopefully we're going to to something much better soon, so why waste
the effort?

Does that address your concerns?

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