Implementing proper cost basis tracking for shares

Dave Peticolas
Mon, 30 Oct 2000 22:54:50 -0800

Rob Browning writes:
> Dave Peticolas <> writes:
> > I agree, but I think I would miss the ability to have short account
> > names. Couldn't we let the user choose a 'Default View' that
> > performs the same function as the current hierarchy?
> What I had been thinking about was that by default, the official long
> name would go into the account creation dialog, and would have to be
> unique for the whole set of accounts, but that it wouldn't show up in
> the "default view", or it would only show up as a separate column.

So we would have a 'long' name and a 'nickname'?

> For now, you'd still go through the process of setting the parent,
> etc., and the hierarchy you'd be creating would just be the default
> one, the one that would show up in the main window when we start up.
> Later, once we set up our fancier display engine, we probably wouldn't
> even display a CTree directly as we do now, for the default initial
> window.
> I had also thought that we might want to consider, for the "default
> hierarchy" (or view), relaxing the type mixing restrictions, and
> eliminating the subtotalling, but perhaps that's a bad idea.  Those
> numbers are still at least somewhat useful, if a bit misleading, and
> hopefully we're going to to something much better soon, so why waste
> the effort?

Do you mean ditching engine-cached subtotalling? We should probably
get rid of that, as the issues with currency translation are going to
make it a bit complicated, but we should still display subtotals in
the hierarchy.