I think we need to start planning to add a "top-level" data structure.

Dave Peticolas dave@krondo.com
Mon, 30 Oct 2000 18:16:21 -0800

Rob Browning writes:
> Right now, the top level of your data is just an AccountGroup,
> identical in structure to all of it's sub-account groups.  However, I
> think we need to plan (soon) to add a real top-level structure that
> can act as the "bundle" for all of the relevant, non-account, data
> associated with your finances.  For example, I think you should have
> to reference that structure to get at commodities info, rather than
> having them be global, and I think that that structure should probably
> refer to the GUID entity table.  (In the guid case, 99% of the time,
> all of the entity table pointers should point to the same table, but
> in some special cases, like when you're trying to open two different
> files to compare them for equality, that's the "wrong thing(TM)".)
> There are some other bits that should go in there as well, like the
> recurring events that apply to that specific set of accounts, this
> probably gives you the general idea...
> Perhaps this top-level structure should also be the one that knows
> about the dataset's "back-end", and perhaps we should merge in all of
> the "Session" semantics wrt locking, renaming, cloning, etc.
> I think this is likely to be important RSN.

Yes, I agree. Putting this info in the Account Groups is not quite right.