Get PostgreSQL installed as part of the distros

Christopher Browne
Tue, 31 Oct 2000 07:14:00 -0600

> Christopher Browne <> writes:
> > The options that leap to mind are:
> What did you think about the info I got on embedding MySQL and
> PosgreSQL (did I post that?).

I'm not sure I saw that; could be "user error" on my part.

> If not, I spoke to both camps, and the MySQL people said that they
> already have a patch that'll allow embedded use.  They just have to
> get around to auditing and incorporating it, and the PostgreSQL people
> said that you could pretty easily launch a copy of postgresql in a
> "sandbox" and talk to it from your app.  With a tiny amount more
> coding effort, you could fix it so that you talked to the server over
> a filesystem socket instead of a port.
> Elegant or not, either would allow us to store the data in the user's
> home dir, and wouldn't require *any* administrative setup/special
> priveleges above/beyond a normal gnucash install, which can still be
> done as a regular user.

"Elegant" isn't too relevant; going through a Unix "domain socket" is likely 
to be _faster_ than going through a network port, which means that this option 
would be attractive from a performance perspective regardless.

This sounds like a good idea.
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