simplifying memory management in panes

Robert Graham Merkel
Fri, 2 Feb 2001 14:38:17 +1100

WRT our discussions on simplifying panes by replacing the
gnc_report_window * member of the gnc_pane structure with a GtkWidget
*, I agree that this would be a win.  However, if we are to have some
reasonable hope of saving/restoring state (not to mention the popup
menu issues) we can't just have
arbitrary GtkWidgets put in panes, and at the moment
gnc_report_windows allow us to do just about everything we want in a

Therefore, what I propose to do is make relatively small modifications
to what I have now, replacing the gnc_report_window pointer with a
gtkwidget * pointer, and letting the gtkwidget memory management do
its thing.  Instead of jumping through hoops to get at the gtkwidget
from the gnc_report_window (as is currently the case), we'll jump
through (considerably smaller) hoops to get the gnc_report_window from
the widget.  Finally, if we decide that we really do want to put
arbitrary (or at least a broader range of) widgets into gnc_panes,
making the transition will be easier.

Does the above clear?  Does it make sense?

Robert Merkel	                 

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