simplifying memory management in panes

Robert Graham Merkel
Sat, 3 Feb 2001 12:39:00 +1100

Bill Gribble writes:
 > On Fri, Feb 02, 2001 at 02:38:17PM +1100, Robert Graham Merkel wrote:
 > > However, if we are to have some reasonable hope of saving/restoring
 > > state (not to mention the popup menu issues) we can't just have
 > > arbitrary GtkWidgets put in panes, and at the moment
 > > gnc_report_windows allow us to do just about everything we want in a
 > > pane.
 > The save/restore problem is a real one.  While I think your solution
 > may be fine, keep in mind that the save/restore problem doesn't
 > require anything more than special treatment for report-windows at
 > save/restore time, i.e. it says nothing about the general relationship
 > between panes and report windows.
 > The popup menu issues I think can be managed at content-selection time
 > (i.e. report window creation time) in the same way they are now...
 > you pass in some more args to the report window.
 > One of my main motivations here is that there's a real problem (IMO)
 > with the embedded mainwindow -- my problem, not yours.  I don't know
 > how to make gtkhtml behave WRT resizes, and to me that's a
 > showstopper.  That might change, but it's a good enough reason for me
 > to say we should have first-class support for mainwindows in panes
 > from the start, just in case.

OK, I'll buy that.  How much flexibility do you want?  Can I restrict
myself to just gtkhtml and mainwindows, or do you want to keep on
going more general again?

If we're going to do that, what we might need to do is create a new
class of GtkWidget with some special operations we can do, like
"here's a popup menu, attach this to yourself in some intelligent
way".  Is this what you'd like to do?

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