Wed, 7 Feb 2001 11:14:15 -0600 (CST)

It's been rumoured that Gregory Novak said:
> This is the only e-mail address I could find on the gnucash web site.  I
> suppose that this is so that the developers don't get innundated with
> e-mail, but it's annoying nonetheless.

Actually, there's and -- its in the table of contents bar on the
left. -- 'mailing lists'

> I have a suggestion and a question.  When you come out with a new version
> of Gnucash, it would be very nice to have a "what's new" section
> prominently on the web page so that people can see why they should
> upgrade.  

because the 1.4.10 announcement didn't have enough detail? 
The 1.4.x series tend to be bug fixes, rather than feature additions,
so there's usually nothing 'new'.  That' and no one has yet volunteered
to crawl through the changelogs & summarize things nicely ...

> They can also play with new features, etc.  

Most of the development effort is focused on 1.5.x which is caught in
between 'beta' and 'vaporware'. 

> Also, I'm perhaps interested in contributing to Gnucash.  Specifically, I
> want budgeting to work.  Now I'm using a silly system involving a
> spreadsheet.  I saw that there was a little discussion of this in the
> mailing list, but the discussion was rather old and the "budget" script
> seems to have disappeared in the new version of Gnucash.  So, is there any
> active work going on with this?  If so, who should I communicate with to
> find out how best to help?

Best bet is to discuss & plan on