Gregory Novak
Wed, 7 Feb 2001 18:47:50 +0100 (CET)

> Actually, there's and
> -- its in the table of contents bar on the
> left. -- 'mailing lists'

Fair enough, but I balk at distrubing an untold number of people on a
mailing list for a rather banal question.

> > I have a suggestion and a question.  When you come out with a new version
> > of Gnucash, it would be very nice to have a "what's new" section
> > prominently on the web page so that people can see why they should
> > upgrade.  
> because the 1.4.10 announcement didn't have enough detail? 
> The 1.4.x series tend to be bug fixes, rather than feature additions,
> so there's usually nothing 'new'.  That' and no one has yet volunteered
> to crawl through the changelogs & summarize things nicely ...

Yes, I realize this, but I was upgrading from 1.2.something, I'm not so
interested in just the differences between 1.4.9 and 1.4.10.  I had hoped
to find, for example, the differences between 1.0, 1.2, and 1.4 under the
"History and Credits" section, but I found only credits.  You're right,
This shouldn't include every bug fix in minute detail, just the grand
sweeping changes.

> > They can also play with new features, etc.  
> Most of the development effort is focused on 1.5.x which is caught in
> between 'beta' and 'vaporware'. 

I don't mean, "new" new, just new to me.  One thing I look for when
deciding which open-source package to use among several choices is a
large, active development community.  This ensures that periodically the
program will get cooler.  

I'll check out the devel mailing list...