Register window bugs gnucash-1.4.9

Ben Stanley
Sun, 11 Feb 2001 17:11:20 +1100


I've found some register window bugs in 1.4.9 (and previous versions)...

I'm using the auto-double line mode.

Text description items:

  1. Enter lots of text, so that the text scrolls to display the cursor,
     into a note box of a journal entry. go away and select another box
     so that the text is displayed left aligned.
  2. You wish to edit some text at the end of the very long text in the
     text box. Click in the text box. Then cursor right so that the text
     scrolls. Now, mouse select some of the text that was shown by the
  3. The text widget scrolls back to 0 offset and selects the wrong

Account selection drop down box:

  1. I seem to have come up with some rather long account names...
  2. The account selection drop down box fails to display a scroller.
     The only way to move up or down is to use the arrow keys.
  3. The drop down box appears to be clipped within the register frame
     area - that is, it is clipped by the scroll bar controlling the
     register table.
  4. Note that I don't seem to have any entries which touch the right
     hand side of the drop down box, so maybe the size is being
     calculated incorrectly?

If I had a clue about gtk I'd whip out the source and figure out what's
going on, but I'm clueless in this case.


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