Register window bugs gnucash-1.4.9

Dave Peticolas
Mon, 12 Feb 2001 02:53:39 -0800

Ben Stanley writes:
> Hi,
> I've found some register window bugs in 1.4.9 (and previous versions)...
> I'm using the auto-double line mode.
> Text description items:
>   1. Enter lots of text, so that the text scrolls to display the cursor,
>      into a note box of a journal entry. go away and select another box
>      so that the text is displayed left aligned.
>   2. You wish to edit some text at the end of the very long text in the
>      text box. Click in the text box. Then cursor right so that the text
>      scrolls. Now, mouse select some of the text that was shown by the
>      scrolling.
>   3. The text widget scrolls back to 0 offset and selects the wrong
>      text.

What version of gtk & gnome-libs are you using?

> Account selection drop down box:
>   1. I seem to have come up with some rather long account names...
>   2. The account selection drop down box fails to display a scroller.
>      The only way to move up or down is to use the arrow keys.
>   3. The drop down box appears to be clipped within the register frame
>      area - that is, it is clipped by the scroll bar controlling the
>      register table.
>   4. Note that I don't seem to have any entries which touch the right
>      hand side of the drop down box, so maybe the size is being
>      calculated incorrectly?

This should work better in gnucash-1.4.10.