new Perl module for quote download

Dave Peticolas
Sat, 10 Feb 2001 23:49:06 -0800

Tobias Vancura writes:
> First of all, I am new the mailing list, so hello everybody.
> I have written a new Perl module which integrates into the
> module for downloading stock quotes. It offers the possibility to
> download NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX quotes from the Motley Fool website
> ( The reason I wrote this was that the Yahoo!Finance is
> not the quickest when it comes to ticker changes. It took them more
> than a week to change Inprise/Borland's ticker from INPR to BORL.
> Meanwhile there was no data available.
> Now my question is: What shall I do with the module. I tried to
> contact the Brent Neal who is mentioned in but I did not get
> an answer.

You should contact the developers of Finance::Quote which is
hosted on Sourceforge. This project is where the
module comes from.