Register window bugs gnucash-1.4.9

Dave Peticolas
Tue, 13 Feb 2001 00:21:07 -0800

Ben Stanley writes:
> Trying out 1.4.10:
> I noticed that there is an account which touches the right hand side of the
> box.
> It seems that the most of the column widths are fixed - only the description
> column changes its size. This means that the distance from the account column
> to the right of the window area is constant.
> I noticed that I could see the edge of a bevel around the drop-down menu, but
> I still can't see the scroll bar!
> My longest account name is
> Superannuation:Colonial First State Superannuation Diversified Option

Wow :)

> (Using this incredibly long name makes it easier to identify it when looking
> up prices on a web site. I had gnc-prices working for a little while, and
> then something broke, so I have to do it manually.)
> Shortening this name has made the scroll bar visible again.
> Perhaps the drop-down menu should be a top-level window instead of being
> contained in the register scrolling area? But, I don't know how gtk works.
> (had my head in mac programming recently...)

Yes, that's probably what we're going to have to do.