Matthew Vanecek linux4us@home.com
13 Feb 2001 23:40:49 -0600

On 12 Feb 2001 10:42:49 -0500, Gregory Novak wrote:
> I'm interested in getting Gnucash budgeting going.  Right now I'm using a
> shaky system involving Gnucash and Gnumeric, but this is getting annoying
> very quickly.  
> Once upon a time there seemed to be some work going on on this, but my
> impression is that no one is currently working on it.  Is this true?  If
> it's not true, who should I contact to contribute?
> One thing I'm not sure how to handle is long term debt.  As a first
> attempt at budgeting working, one might be tempted to just go through all
> existing accounts looking for "expense" accounts, and then ask the user to
> specify what they want to spend on each account in a month.  However, I
> have school loans so to my monthly budget these look like expenses, but of
> course the accounts aren't classified as expenses.  So there needs to be
> some way to tell the budgeting stuff that some accounts behave as expenses
> even though they're classified as liabilities or whatever.
> Thanks,
> Greg

I would dearly love to be able to hook any budgeting stuff into a Palm
OS application.  If any of you are familiar with QuickBudget, that is
the concept I am looking at.  I use QB, and it's pretty good, but it's
shareware, and written in VC++, and getting the code and porting it
would probably be more difficult than writing sanely-coded budgeting
software on our own, which can interact with GNUCash as a conduit.

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