Gregory Novak Gregory.Novak@cern.ch
Wed, 14 Feb 2001 11:03:44 -0500 (EST)

> | course the accounts aren't classified as expenses.  So there needs to be
> | some way to tell the budgeting stuff that some accounts behave as expenses
> | even though they're classified as liabilities or whatever.
> Yup...  the fact, I think the budgeting categories [bcats] are external
> from the accounts to a large degree... while they may reference the accounts
> which the bcat refers to [expense or liability or whatever], the information
> about budgeting items crosses over expense/account category boundries.

True, but I think that asking the user to define an entire additional
additional set of categories for budgeting is asking for trouble.  I
believe I've seen talk of associating a "category" with every transaction
in addition to the account info.  If budgeting could be folded into this
category specification, then we're golden, but if not, adding budgeting
category information on top of this would be unwieldy.

One thing may be to just ask the user how much will be transfered to/from
each account, regardless of the account's categorization or whatever.
It seems to me that this would give you a lot of generality with very
little effort in setting things up (for the user).