Joshua Sled jsled@asynchronous.org
Tue, 13 Feb 2001 11:26:12 -0800

On Mon, Feb 12, 2001 at 10:42:49AM -0500, Gregory Novak wrote:

| Once upon a time there seemed to be some work going on on this, but my
| impression is that no one is currently working on it.  Is this true?  If
| it's not true, who should I contact to contribute?

Well, I'm working toward working on it, and would be interested in
coordinating efforts with you.  Check list traffic regarding "Budgeting"
and "Scheduled transactions" in the list archives for the last 3 months
or so... I've posted a couple of times throughout my spare-time thoughts.

I started with budgeting [and collected some good ideas], then realized
that what people want more is scheduled transactions, which overlap
with budgeting to a large degree.  Recently, I've focused on Scheduled
transactions [which budgeting will use], and hope to make an initial
still-not-working-but-getting-there patch in the next few days.

| course the accounts aren't classified as expenses.  So there needs to be
| some way to tell the budgeting stuff that some accounts behave as expenses
| even though they're classified as liabilities or whatever.

Yup...  the fact, I think the budgeting categories [bcats] are external
from the accounts to a large degree... while they may reference the accounts
which the bcat refers to [expense or liability or whatever], the information
about budgeting items crosses over expense/account category boundries.

From: Ansel Freniere <ansel@lambdares.com>
Subject: Introduction
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 12:07:09 -0500

| :)  However, my primary usage of the aforementioned windoze program right 
| now is the budgeting feature, and I really can't do without it.  How is 
| progress on the budget gui?  If help is needed, I would be glad to 

No work on the budgeting GUI per-se as of yet, as per my previous
discussions regarding scheduled transactions.  The hope is that the
frequency-specification editor from the scheduled transactions can be
used by the budgeting UI, and the budgeting code can then make use of
the scheduled transactions for that aspect of things... but budgeting is
about so much more... :)

When I get home I'll go over the archives and make sure all my notes
re:budgeting proper are posted to the list, and we can start to figure
out what the pieces are, and where they fit.

In addition, I'm in #gnucash some/most nights after about 8pm PST.