remembering dock items' position

Kevin Finn
Mon, 19 Feb 2001 18:31:22 -0600


     I'm interested in adding support so gnucash will remember the
positions of the various dockable items on the main account window,
primarily so I can drag the summarybar to the bottom of the window and
have it stay there across invocations of gnucash.  Depending on how the
future chart-based gnucash main window works this addition might be
helpful there too, and this could also be extended to any dockable
elements of the register windows, etc.  This looked pretty easy to do
once I spent a little time looking at the gnome dock* APIs, and I almost
have it working (just have to find some time this evening).

     My question is this:  does anyone care whether the position
information is stored with the rest of the user preferences in
~/.gnucash, or stored with the other gnome apps' position information
under ~/.gnome?  I notice that the information on the last file(s)
opened in Gnucash (i.e. the files listed under the File menu) is stored
in ~/.gnome/Gnucash, and since it is pretty easy to get gnome to handle
this that is my first preference, as opposed to writing a g-wrapped
config-file access routine.  However, I'm concerned with how this works
for gnucash users who aren't gnome users.  Either implementation looks
to be pretty simple.

     Any thoughts?



Kevin Finn