remembering dock items' position

Dave Peticolas
Mon, 19 Feb 2001 16:40:43 -0800

Kevin Finn writes:
>      Hello,
>      I'm interested in adding support so gnucash will remember the
> positions of the various dockable items on the main account window,
> primarily so I can drag the summarybar to the bottom of the window and
> have it stay there across invocations of gnucash.  Depending on how the
> future chart-based gnucash main window works this addition might be
> helpful there too, and this could also be extended to any dockable
> elements of the register windows, etc.  This looked pretty easy to do
> once I spent a little time looking at the gnome dock* APIs, and I almost
> have it working (just have to find some time this evening).
>      My question is this:  does anyone care whether the position
> information is stored with the rest of the user preferences in
> ~/.gnucash, or stored with the other gnome apps' position information
> under ~/.gnome?  I notice that the information on the last file(s)
> opened in Gnucash (i.e. the files listed under the File menu) is stored
> in ~/.gnome/Gnucash, and since it is pretty easy to get gnome to handle
> this that is my first preference, as opposed to writing a g-wrapped
> config-file access routine.  However, I'm concerned with how this works
> for gnucash users who aren't gnome users.  Either implementation looks
> to be pretty simple.

If you look in .gnome/GnuCash you should find that the information
is already being saved there, under [Placement]. I thought it was
supposed to automatically be loaded, too. So if you could figure
out why it's not being used and fix that, then the problem would
be solved.