KDE personal finance app soon to be previewed

Alan Orndorff dwarf@solarisresources.com
Mon, 19 Feb 2001 20:33:20 -0700

> Which means I won't be running it. I was disappointed when I read an
> article about this and saw gnucash dissed. I know gnucash isn't as
> polished as quicken (yet), but it hasn't been in development for 10+
> years, either. And since nobody has even seen kapital, we really don't
> know where it stands either.

Not sure that I would agree that I wouldn't run it just because someone
dissed gnucash in an article.  Looking over the site and the screenshots
looks like a pretty nice prodcut if they are more than just screenshots.

On the other hand it states that its KDE and Linux which leaves me out
in the cold.  And more importantly Dave P. has provided a ton of support
has helped to overcome some compiling obstacles and most of the time
isn't to hard to get from this list as a whole.  Even if the other
program were
available for Solaris I'd probably stick with Gnucash for the simple
fact that I can usually get help when I need it.

on a side note, Dave, should be trying 1.5x again this weekend.  Look
out for the email onslaught.