Image enabling gnucash?

Dave Peticolas
Thu, 22 Feb 2001 17:20:42 -0800

Bakki Kudva writes:
> Ofcourse it makes sense for it to be tuned off as default. Could be 
> enabled via a new panel in Settings -> preferences..? But even personal 
> users could benefit a great deal with image enabling. At tax time, when 
> something under warranty breaks, when a maintenance agreement expires or 
> whatever ALL of your receipts/credit card slips etc will be on line. No 
> more digging through that shoe box. Scanners and hard drives have become 
> cheap enough for this to be practical for the average home account. I 
> think most people may have 3-6K of transactions/year. On an average you 
> could store about 20K of compressed tiff images in 1 GB. So this IS 
> imaging for the rest of us.

Ahh, the light bulb went on! Sorry, the hamster is slow today.

So you are talking about associating, say, scanned images of receipts
with the transactions they go with, right? Well, that would be very
nice and not specialized at all.