Image enabling gnucash?

Fri, 23 Feb 101 09:21:51 -0500 (EST)

> Bakki Kudva writes: 
> >  
> > Ofcourse it makes sense for it to be tuned off as default. Could be  
> > enabled via a new panel in Settings -> preferences..? But even personal  
> > users could benefit a great deal with image enabling. At tax time, when  
> > something under warranty breaks, when a maintenance agreement expires or  
> > whatever ALL of your receipts/credit card slips etc will be on line. No  
> > more digging through that shoe box. Scanners and hard drives have become  
> > cheap enough for this to be practical for the average home account. I  
> > think most people may have 3-6K of transactions/year. On an average you  
> > could store about 20K of compressed tiff images in 1 GB. So this IS  
> > imaging for the rest of us. 
> Ahh, the light bulb went on! Sorry, the hamster is slow today. 
> So you are talking about associating, say, scanned images of receipts 
> with the transactions they go with, right? Well, that would be very 
> nice and not specialized at all. 

But why not go one step further?  In addition to saving the digitized image,
how about also feeding it to an OCR process/routine that would try to
deduce the relevant account and numbers and preset the input fields so that
with no/minimum modification/correction the transaction can be entered
much more quickly?

This assistant funcionality can be made as smart as desired.  It could even
learn from previous transactions.  After all most people spend money at the
same places over and over, and conveniently in the receipts is all the
information: date/time, place of business, total amount, tax amount, etc...
For other things, such as food items going  into the food sub-account and
cleaning products going into the household maintenance account, after the
first manual input specifying that item x goes here and item y goes there,
this "assistant" would automatically remember this and add up the numbers
automatically, so the user would just have to confirm the final breakdown
of the transaction/receipt before it is committed. End of input drudgery.

Opinions anyone?
> dave 
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