etags crashes, ctags not

Darryl Okahata Darryl Okahata <>
Tue, 27 Feb 2001 12:28:54 -0800

Christian Stimming <> wrote:

> On Tuesday 27 February 2001 10:59, James LewisMoss wrote:
> > etags != ctags
> >
> > ctags produces a vi tags file.  etags produces an emacs tags file.
> I don't agree.

     For that matter, why is gnucash even trying to use either?  Some
people don't have ctags or etags, and, has been pointed out, may have
buggy implementations.  If some programmer wants to use ctags or etags,
they can manually use them.  It's not difficult, and running ctags/etags
just unnecessarily slows down the build process.

[ Personally, I don't use or like either of them.  I use cscope,
  instead, as cscope blows away both ctags and etags in terms of
  functionality (although, for the Emacs users out there, cscope does
  not handle emacs-lisp).  ]

	Darryl Okahata

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